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Jeff & Kristina Fey

Sold / Bought


My wife and I have known Judy for a number of years, so it was natural that we go to her when we decided to put our house on the market. 


We were extremely happy with everything that Judy did for us.  She was very knowledgeable about the real estate market and helped us set a good price for our home. 


We were amazed when we received a contract in only 6 days because a lot of houses in our neighborhood that where for sale had been on the market for quite some time without contracts. 


I believe we can attribute that to the photos and videos that Judy had done of our house   They were very professional  in quality and really made our house look  great. 


After the sale of our house, we were then ready to find our new home, which amazingly only took three days.  We decided on a spec home in a new neighborhood.  The home was almost completed but still had some exterior trim items that had yet to be done.  Leave it to Judy to discover ALL of the missing pieces by looking at a drawing of a completed elevation of the home we were buying. I did not notice any of the things that Judy found in the drawing. 


Needless to say, our house would have looked much different without Judy discovering all of needed changes.  She was also instrumental in pointing out to the builder things that we not quite right with the house. She even accompanied us at our walk through to help us look at cosmetic issues.


Without her help, we would have been out thousands of dollars on purchasing our new home.  It is such a blessing to have someone so knowledgeable  on your side when you are selling or buying. Needless to say, we will always look to Judy in the future for any real estate needs we have.

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