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New Construction Guarantee

If you are buying new construction, you NEED an expert on Your Team!  Builder sales people’s goals are to make their quotas and make their employer more money!  Making some small concessions to you is a sales ploy to close the deal, not what is the best possible deal for you!

Your ‘Hans-On’ Team’s goals are to get you the house you want, the way you want it, at the best possible price.  Having one of our expert agents represent you can result in thousands of dollars in savings!!  As a matter of fact, We Guarantee We Will Save You $20,000.00, or more!   Plus, we will offer to educate you about what you are committing to, “What To Do Next”, and we will be ‘Hans-On’ every step of the way to protect you and assure you get exactly what you are expecting.

We will be there to help you select and purchase your dream home and negotiate the best possible price!  The Your ‘Hans-On’ Team member is also available for you at; The Design Center, Inspections, Walk-Throughs and Closing. They will utilize their years of experience at all stages to assure that you receive the excellent treatment you deserve.

We guarantee that if the Your ‘Hans-On’ Team agent can’t save you at least $20,000 on the purchase of your new home we will give you 50% of our commission back at closing.  No tricks, no hassle.  (some Terms & Conditions do apply.)

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